Welcome to the Bulldog Club of New England

The Bulldog Club of New England (BCNE) was founded in 1922. We meet monthly in Dedham, MA and are governed by the members under the leadership of the Club Officers and Executive Board.  We are a specialty club, which means the only dogs involved in our activities are Bulldogs, as defined by the Bulldog Club of America and by the American Kennel Club.

A member in good standing must sponsor an applicant for membership.  After the name is read at a meeting and published in the next issue of the BULLetin, the applicant’s membership is voted on and accepted with a majority vote.  Each new member will receive welcome packet containing their membership card, a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws, and other Club related information.

The Club holds two AKC Sanctioned Match Shows each year, one in March and one in October.  Two AKC member point shows are held annually:  one in May and one in September."

BCNE is a member of the American Kennel Club and of the Bulldog Club of America (BCA), the parent Club in the United States.  There are eight divisions in BCA.  We are in Division I, which is composed of the Bulldog Club of New Jersey, the Bulldog Club of Philadelphia, the Long Island Bulldog Club, the Lower Susquehanna Bulldog Club, the Bulldog Club of Connecticut, the Bulldog Club of New England, the Bulldog Club of Maine and the Bulldog Club of Pittsburgh.

BCNE is concerned with the education of pet owners and breeders alike.  The club encourages responsible pet ownership, in part through programs at meetings and the BULLetin, our newsletter, which is sent to every member.  Each year we have social events, including an Awards Dinner in April to acknowledge dogs that have earned conformation or obedience titles and a Holiday Dinner in December."